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The Rustic Ranch Wedding & Event Barn

Chatham-Kent Wedding Barn

Our Team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Mark Slater


Mark was born to be an entrepreneur, his mind is always working, always implementing new concepts to make his business even more appealing. He puts in many hours making sure everything is perfect. His attention to detail has made our grounds, inside and out, a very sought after venue.

Mark can often be seen on the grounds, whether he is giving tours, setting up for an event or meticulously taking care of the grounds with upkeep and maintenance.!

Mark always makes himself readily available to help our couples execute the wedding of their dreams.

Most recently Mark was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year which speaks volumes of the type of business he is running.

Shelley Rilett-Bezaire Crystal Slater

Managers/Event Coordinators

There will never be an event you don't see these two working their hardest to make our couples day perfect.

Shelley, always there to help boasts many years of experience in the service industry. She brings with her not only great knowledge but a warm heart, a caring smile and is always happy to lend a helping hand.

Crystal, our decorator and event coordinator is always eager to please. Her tasteful eye and organizational skills allow us to offer "one stop shopping". You will also see Crystal along with Shelley at each and every event keeping the day running smoothly. Together they are a powerful team and we are so happy to have them as apart of our team.

At Your Service

Bar Staff

We have Jeff, we have Carol, we have Jen and Jamie, we have the best bar staff on the face of the planet. Working tirelessly to run a tight ship and keep their customer happy. You will always be greeted with a smile. They definitely keep the party going!

We are proud to be partnered with such a dedicated bunch of individuals. All of them are always willing to go above and beyond to help.

Jeff Young, owner of "At Your Service" , a bar-tending service is always available for events. All bartenders are Smart Serve certified. Ask them for business card when you see them, you never know when you're going to need a bartender to get your party started!

Bill Labadie

"Jack of all"

Our main man "Billy", you will never meet a harder worker! Billy can often be seen working along side of Mark helping him take care of the grounds and event setups. There isn't a job that Billy can't handle nor that he would refuse, he just loves to help.

Billy can be seen at each and every event working as our bar back, working tediously to keep the bar stocked and clean as well as the grounds. He can often be seen with his bus tray keeping out grounds litter free and picture perfect.

After each event The Rustic Ranch donates all beer cans to help Billy and his Community Living family.

Be sure to give Billy a thumbs up and reassure him he is doing a GREAT job.